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Howdy ya'll, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction here.  I'm only just recently getting a new load order together since I put the game down several months ago as I want to play with some new mods and new character themes, but one thing always bugged me about the game at any point.  Animations in general seem to be so blocky and I feel like my character is fixing to fall over just by turning a slight degree to the right or left, and all animation movements when turning, walking, and running seem so jerky.


Is there any mod or mod collection that smooths out movement animations to make the character move much more fluidly than the vanilla skyrim?  I want if nothing else something to smooth out turning animations when changing the direction my character is facing.

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Well, you can download new animation, but I don't think it's possible to solve the clunky feel on them, especially turning around and stuff like that. At best, you can use Immersive first person and block your character from turning his body when looking, but that brings it's own share of annoyingness. Dunno if that "fixes" it but it's worth a look.


It's the way the anims work really. There's no transition between them, you just go from one state to the other. One would need to add some kind of momentum to ever get rid of it.

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