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[request] Stand-Alone - Soul Calibur & -Edge weapons


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I've got a mod that adds them as standalone craftables, was on Nexus for about a day before it was taken down. I can reupload if you want. It has multiple Soul Edge/Soul Calibur variants.




Uploaded in case you want it. I can't recall who the uploader was, so I don't know who to give credit for these, but they're rips, the textures are a bit low-res, still really awesome. I personally use Soul Edge Naupilus. It seems to be the most powerful of the weapons. There are a /lot/ of variants, specifically of Soul Edge, pretty sure it's actually all of the variants that exist.


Update: fixed folder structure! :D



Shouldn't have missed any textures or meshes, but if I did, let me know what's missing and I'll sift through my data folder.

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Thank you very much! I think this is the right one, haven't testet it yet, but i will give update here.


I wonder about the missing ones, because mine is 75 mb and yours 7,5mb. There are 11 nifs in "my" archive in the meshes folder and much more dds's in the texture folder, but as i said, sorry, i don't have a clue. Maybe better textures? Can't tell...


Anyway, thanks again!!

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As far as I can tell, this one only adds Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. There is/was a mod on Nexus that added a bunch of the other weapons, but the scales are all off.




There we are. Dunno how that one would be, though. From what I've seen it mostly adds other characters' weapons, and not the huge assortment of Soul Edge variants.

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Oh god I see what the problem is. Sorry, I'll fix it right away >_<


If you downloaded the file before this post, a quick fix is to go into both your meshes and textures folders, and move the "soul_calibur" folder into your "weapons" folder in each of those.


Current paths:





What the paths should be:





Many apologies, I'm uploading a fixed file right now.






Fixed the folder structure, download this if you haven't gotten the file yet or just want it to work without having to move the folder.(Though that would still leave you with a useless folder in your meshes and textures directory, something we all know is more of a pain than it's worth.) Also updated the link in my earlier post to reflect the fix.

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Sorry to revive this post, but I'm a huge fan of SC!

I downloaded the file uploaded from Metal_Izanagi (in which there are several forms of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge from SC IV) but also the one on nexus (this one has several different weapons from various characters, although the scale isn't that good)!


However, the link of in the first post (the file of 75 Mb) has others weapons from Soul Calibur IV which are not on Metal_Izanagi pack or on nexus! T

This file has a scythe (Zasalamel's Kafziel), a circular weapon (Tira's Soul Edge), an axe (Astaroth's Soul Edge), a rapiere (Amy's Albion) and Soul Calibur in its SC III form (in addition to sould edge and soul calibur I think).

The problem is that this file is a replacer one, could anyone make these weapons standalone?

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