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I cannot transform into a werewolf.

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After activating the werewolf transformation power, the only indication that it has been activated is that I can only use it once per day. There is simply no transformation.


I have gone through a recent re-installment of all my mods, as well as using the Save Game Script Scalpel to clean my save game and terminate active scripts. I also switched from Moonlight Tales to the Moonlight Tales - Werewolf Essessentials, and I should not have any loose scripts through how I install with the mod manager. Before, with the original moonlight tales, it would take me ~10 seconds to transform. I am still receiving messages of hearts consumed once in a while. I also run script heavy mods like Frostfall and SexLab with Frostfall indicating the script takes over >20 seconds to recycle. If a load order is needed, I will attach an exported load order .txt file.


So, how do I go about solving this? I checked TESV edit for files that conflict with Moonlight Tales - Werewolf Essentials, and received no conflicts. Otherwise, I would have to take the time to check saves for werewolf functionality while testing chunks of mods at a time, and that is time consuming. Asking on a tangent, is there a way to delete nonactive plugins without manual labor?

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