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Auto Saving mod from Kuertee saves a lot of headaches :)


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Hey guys!


I've been using this little gem and has saved me a lot of headaches when mods go rouge by allowing me to revert to a very close in progress and time save thanks to the auto save feature it has. Best of all is that i'm in total control of how often the auto saves are done.


It can do up to 25 autosaves which is quite a lot and if you're testing a mod it gives you a lot of flexibility to go back to a save before something happened very close to the time it failed.

As a normal user it's awesome to know that you can revert to a save very close to the time you made that horrible decision to flirt with a saber cat at level 1.


It does get a little annoying while you get familiarized with it, but once you set it up to you're liking you will love it .... or hate it lol.


Auto-save and time





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