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[Request] Dynasty Warriors Lian shi


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  • 3 weeks later...



still figuring the sliders atm 


also added the strings that was supposed to be a layer of a mesh ...


i think gonna try reweight .


and fixing some clippings that appeared ingame (it doesnt in 3d soffie)


hopefully me can get it done (_ _")













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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 months later...

Im sorry its a bit late


Me still havent manage to figured out the sliders


Uncle Ousi says it might be about vertex order, which means the weights got changed sometime during export or somewhere.

me trying to figure this out but working alone wont get me anywhere, so me putting it here incase somoene want to take a look , and even more, maybe continue correcting the meshes C:


Or , you can also plug it in MO/NMM and activate the .esp, to check it ingame. But you need to have 100 weight or else the mesh explodes :C


to get it, type help "lian shi"


i havent tried Bodyslide, OutfitStudio, or even KG tools, but me about to try it, but for now me dropping the file here 




- there will be some clipping in the arm with certain animation/poses, because me dont subdivide surface/subsurf the arm part.

- the heels, i dont create it with HDT HH system, since me that time focuses on the weight slider, not the shoe part (_ _")

- i also didnt weld vertices (3dsmax) or join vertices (blender249b) to connect the string in the waist that i created to replace the textured ones, because that time me already weighted the mesh :C

- i do make sure the vertex count is the same number, i even opened nifskope , like 20 window just to make my eyes feel sure, me silly :C

- the gloves actually exist, probie somewhere between the layers in the blender files. me kinda exported it but never turns the nif into skyrim file, because again, me super agitated about the weightslider ..


here's how it looks like in my game :











Here's the File :


Lian Shi UNPB.7z


Here's 3dsMax2012 file : 


3dsmax file.7z


Here's Blender 2.49b file :


blender files.7z






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