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Amorous Adventure for custom voiced follower/quest mods


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Inspired by Foxfinger's fantastic Amorous Adventures mod, I am wondering if I/we want to make a similar mod for several famous custom voiced scripted follower/quest mods,


1. If it is just a plugin that trigger the dialogs (rather than editing the voice files), does approval from original mod creator required?

2. Does sexlab allows scripts that trigger NPCs dialogs during sex animations?

3. If I want to make "sex quest" involving NPCs from different mods, how to make the mod detects the present of other mods (similar to Hentai Preg and simple Preg, or Anna NPC 2 and Interesting NPC)


I know it is a difficult job and it is more likely a pipe dream rather than a real project. But before I "may" give it a try, I would like to know where the red line and system limitations are. 


One of the "easiest" one will probably be the dragon break series , it has so many dirty dialogs that it is just one step from being an excellent adult mod.

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