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Mod Loading Orders?

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Hello, everyone!

I joined only a little while back and so I am not too sure if this is the correct place to be posting this. Thus I am sorry if I posted in the incorrect part of the forum! Recently I downloaded a few mods and used FNIS to get the animations to work correctly, however I encountered a few problems. FNIS shows an enormous number of duplicate animations and over 200 consistency issues. So, my question is how do I remove these duplicates? Or is something wrong with my loading order in general?


I am currently using the CBBE body type with (CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod - CHSBHC-Body-Physics-ModV2-4-1) installed ontop of it. If anyone can tell me what might be wrong with the mods' order, that would be greatly appreciated. ^^




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Thanks whoever relocated this thread ^^! The LOOT program finished creating the load order, but when I looked at the details it shows one of my mods has 619 ITM records along with a few other things that needed to be clean apparently. I have downloaded the TES5Editor that it requested, however I am rather confused as to what to do exactly after that. Should I just run the program and highlight the mods/DLCs I was given a warning about? And what after?


Thanks, Numerals. ^^

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to clean the mod in question with TES5. you need to select Skyrim.esp, Update.esp and it's parent files if it has other the other two. Like MoreNastyCritter.esp is a parent for SexlabNudeCreature.esp and need to be above them and sexlab werewolf need to be below SexlabNudeCreature in the LoadOrder to work proberly.


1) Load them and the select "Apply filter for clean" by right clicking on the mod that needs clean wait until it has chance applyed color to the name.

2) Right click on the mod you want to clean and select "Undelete and disable Refences"

3) RIght click on the mod you want to clean and select "Remove "Idenical to Master" Records"

close the program and say yes to save..

you should be aware that some mods needs to be dirty to function correctly like "Better Vampires" if you clean this one it will crash your game.


I am not a expert when it comes to use TES5 but that should be the standart way of cleaning with TES5 more advance function or ways I do not know and I have only ever uses it to clean Skyrim and its DLC no mod or other things.


a note on loot and boss they are not 100% correct and is sometime the cause of a CTD on starting the game. so after running either of them exsaming your load order to make sure master and parent files are place correctly.


you can take a look at the loadorder in my sig to see it it can help you if you are still having trouble with the load order

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