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[Request] Edhildils armors - clothing conversion to CBBE/Bodyslide


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Hello everyone long time viewer, first time participator here.




I would pretty much be very happy with  a conversion of Edhildils work for skyrim to CBBE with bodyslide preferably, by a fellow member - aspiring artist, as I have failed miserably at that. :dodgy:


I know its a bit demanding but he is such a great creator that I feel he shouldnt be left out of the cbbe scene. Of course these things take time and effort so I dont demand anything from anyone, even if it doesnt happen I felt that this request out to be out there on a post of its own.


And if you happen to agree, dont hesitate to add your voice to mine (like I used to), leave a comment. Every contribution or input is welcome.


PS. If by chance someone takes some interest in this and does make the CBBE conversions I think I can manage the bodyslide.


Relevant links follow:




Edhildils Nexus Profile

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