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Basic beginner questions about the Mod-System


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If there is a beginners section, please just link and you can stop reading right here. I found a lot of FAQs which didn't really help me with my questions.


I am new (oviously) and not even native english speaking and having some imho very basic questions and worries, that seem to be selfexplaining to others.

At the moment my Skyrim is still on it's way and might arrive tomorrow.


1. I will have the steam version which updates automatically. Are the mods still working after autoupdates?


2. Does it matter for the mods if I have the DLCs? Will some mods not work with the DLCs?


3. Do the mods like SKSE and FNIS rise the system requirements of the game?


4. NMM or Mod Organiser?


5. I can not only change my following NPC but also the PC apperance, right?


5a. Do I have to restart the game to change the appearance of my PC with a mod or can I do this in the middle of the Story (especially if my char is male and the mod is a female) and continue it?


5b. With all the PC- or NPS-changing mods you still only can do the normal story, right?


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1 there's no more updates for skyrim, install it, steam will update it to the latest version and you're done.

2 Read their descriptions. Some mods require DLCs, others don't.

3 nope

4 Mod Organizer, definitely (check the dedicated topic in the non-adult section)

5 right and you can change it whenever you want with the showracemenu command, be aware that changing race can mess up things, but as long as it's only cosmetic changes, it's alright. Don't understand what you mean in your 5b point, just that changing NPC/PC appearance (textures, body replacers, etc.) doesn't affect at all what you can do in game.

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In 5b I mean things like the mentioned mods won't make any quests unsolveable or change them or give me oppotunity for new quests.


Thanks a lot for the other answeres. Can't wait for my key to arrive.


Modders usualy let you know when a mod alters vanilla quests. Always read descriptions and posts. If there's alot of complains about the mod causing problems, skip it.

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