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looking for tentacles


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i don't know if my request goes well here, sry if it's not

( and sorry for my english i'm a poor lonesome french guy )


i'm not looking for a specific mod, it's been 2 weeks now i spend a lot of my daytime in this forum

( and most of my nights fighting with mods conflicting lol)


and just wow, everyone here is making so much things, it's incredible.


i'd like to know if it exist anything related to lovecraft ( cthulhu and friends) or illithids ( mind flayer from dungeons and dragons)

or tentacles in general ( companion, ennemies, devices, anything)


i'm using estrus and many lover pk features, i found some estrus flora traps but i'm sure there is more. i saw interesting pictures but haven't been able to find files related to it.


even some website adrese will be enough


( i tried to ask in "what mod is this but it seems it wasn't the good place lol)



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