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A weapon overhaul mod


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I've had an idea for some time to make a weapon overhaul mod that adds real-world weapons, new ammo types and rebalanced vanilla weapons. The concept is that the "generic" weapons from vanilla fallout NV would be just that, cheap generic firearms with real world firearms being the pricey quality firearms.


Probably sounds alot like a number of other mods, but I'd like this one to be a "one stop shop" kind of thing. The biggest issue would be getting permissions for weapons, I have quite a few weapon mods and there are a number of them I have no idea who the author/creator is for the model is because I found the model floating around the internet.


Anyway, more on the idea.


Quality vs Affordability; as stated before I intend the vanilla firearms to be the "knock-off" firearms with varying degrees of accuracy, durability and damage. A vanilla .44 Magnum Revolver would be cheaper, and have a fair amount of reliability; but it's accuracy and damage would be sub-par to that of something like a Smith and Wesson Model 29, or a Raging Bull.


And when possible for real world firearms, they'll be balanced so that there isn't a definitive "superior" firearm for a certain caliber. For example lets use a .44 Magnum again.


Vanilla .44 Magnum - Dam 38, spread 1.0, health 250, ammo count 6, crit damage 38, crit chance 1.0: Value 400


S&W M29 - Dam 40, spread 0.5, Health 700, Ammo count 6, crit damage 38, crit chance 2.0: Value 1300


Raging Bull - Dam 42, spread 0.7, health 1000, ammo count 6, crit damage 42, crit chance 1.0: Value 1100


Desert Eagle - Dam 40, spread 0.3, health 500, ammo count 8, crit damage 40, crit chance 1.0: Value 1500


The S&W could be considered the intermediate, neither excelling or failing at anything, a lesser amount of critical damage of the other real world weapons, but a higher critical chance. The Raging Bull has the most damage and durability, but is the least accurate. The Desert Eagle is the most accurate, and has a slightly larger ammo count than the other two, but wears the quickest.


The vanilla .44 Magnum is obviously the lesser weapon in it's stats, but costs about a 3rd of the cheapest real world firearm and would be much more plentiful out in the wastes.


Availability:  Vanilla weapons would be in abundance across the wastes, you could find most conventional vanilla weapons at just about every merchant in varying sates or disrepair. And while you could occasionally find a real-world firearm out in the wastes or at random merchants, you can almost guarantee that they'll be in a state of extreme disrepair. You could find decent repair examples of the real world firearms at certain merchants with a theme; for example Sgt Contreas at McCerran would have a good selection of military grade firearms in pretty good condition, or Chet in good springs with a small selection of hunting and personal defense style weapons in good condition. But gun runners would be the only merchant in which you could buy any real world firearm in "new" condition, and at a price!


Factions and Weapons:


Each faction would take to a theme for their weapons, like the NCR would often be seen using military grade weapons like an M4A1 assault rifle, and Beretta 92F for their troopers for example, NCR rangers could get a more powerful M14 "battle rifle" and a H&K 10MM.


Ceasers Legion could favor Gurilla style weapons like an Ak47, and high caliber sidearms.


The Jackal and Viper gangs could potentially use just about anything, but due to their insignificance their weapons would be of very poor condition.


Powder Gangers having over ran a prison I see them having access to shotguns and some military sidearms, other than dynamite of course.


Fiends are a wild card


Ammo Types:


Lead Round Nose (LRN): The standard lead round, nothing special but gets the job done.


Hollow Point (HP): Lead Hollow Point


Jacketed Soft Point (JSP), these rounds are only partially jacketed rounds with and exposed lead nose. These rounds would provide better penetration and slightly reduced weapon wear. (-4 DT small pistol/rifle, -6DT large pistol/rifle)


Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): These provide better penetration over normal leaded hollow points, but do less damage, also provide a slight reduction in weapon wear.


Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): Good for piercing, less damage, reduces weapon wear. (-8DT small pistol/rifle, -10DT large pistol/rifle)


Armor Piercing (AP): Solid core rounds designed specifically to punch through armor, available only on rifle rounds. (-25 DT)


Semi Wad Cutter (SWC): Rounds made specifically to punch clean holes in paper targets, provide slightly better penetration and better accuracy, pistol only. (-2 DT small pistol, -4DT large pistol)


Special Custom Ammo


Black Talon (BT): Made by Winchester, self defense and hunting rounds. These rounds are jacketed in an oxidized copper wrapping, giving them a black color. Upon impact as the round tears it reveals razor sharp edges to inflict more damage. In game these rounds would increase a weapon's critical damage and critical chance multiplier, but have the same base stats as a regular JHP round.


FTX: Made by Hornady. these hunting rounds are designed with a soft tip that recesses into the pullet upon impact, providing better initial penetration and bullet expansion upon entry. In game this would be a good mix of penetration and damage, say; maybe -10DT with a x1.25 or x1.35 damage multiplier.


Frangible: While there are actual production frangible ammo that's meant for steel shooting, these are made by the frugal defender!

Cut a cross into the tip of a standard lead round to give them a little more killing power. Not a very realistic depiction, but what the hell?

x1.15 damage multiplier, x2 DT

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I like a few things, I dont like others.

I dont like vanilla wepons being everywhere and custom/added scarce and better. I'd prefer just integration. Anyway, just my opinion.

I do like distribution acording to factions.


With 'CaliberX' and 'Realistic Weapons Damages' already there, you could just release an esp with 'Weapons of the New Millenia' as a required file, you dont have to ask permission for this.


Also, a couple of suggestions:


Bodyguards and mercenaries: always using assault rifles. I find stupid to see 'em outdoors with pistols.


Raider gang leaders: always using assault rifles.


Great Khans: as according to lore, they prefer physical combat. Thus, SMGs, shotguns, high caliber pistols.


Civilians: cowboy-esque and hunting weapons.


NCR troopers: Yep, M-16s. But as their resources arent as good as they should, you can find from time to time a trooper using an AK. After killing a legionnaire, the looted weapons are something they cannot ignore.


Good luck with your project!

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