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Idea on Quest: How little we know


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Small mod. Looking for a suggestion right now to help get a direction for this idea. Having a small roadblock that made me think "nah, it's a stupid idea."

This mostly applies to a female PC as it mostly relates to Clanden (as usual, but I could add male PC to complete it, but it's not going to have Sexout content because lore). It always felt incomplete to me as he doesn't get arrested nor needs to be dealt with in the NCR chain.

- So in order to start this chain, Troike needs to plant the thermite so he will get caught and rat you out. (Otherwise the quest will play out like normal)


-  *FIRST ROADBLOCK* The Gomorrah leaders choose to have a named messenger tell the player to help Clanden. I cannot figure out a reason. The player just screwed them and immediately told by a messenger to help someone that a major part of their scheme. I feel this will raise a red flag for any normal person (except maybe a low int courier).


- From there, if the player chooses to play along, she will essentially be walking into the trap. It's essentially a bad end but there a few factors that change that. Details for this event are in the spoilers... for whatever reason.


- Clanden takes you to the locked room and states that the corpse should have been cleaned up.

- No chloroform, just old fashioned leg breaking immediately after.
- Endurance will play a heavy part. It will help you remain conscious. After that, strength will allow you to fight back, knock him out when he tries to carry you (his FNV wiki stats suggest he is pretty weak 3str 3 en, so I will be using his numbers eg.4 to stay conscious and knock him out).



1) If you pass both, you knock him out and kill him.

2) If you fail strength, make noise, I'm sure someone knows Cachino is working in the background, otherwise they would question the sudden change in power post-quest.

3) If you fail both and told Cachino, then he will have laid a trap as I'm sure he's heard some rumors about Clanden.
4) If these 2 fail and you do not tell Cachino before approaching. Game over no matter what happens.


Post 2 and 3

Regarding Cachino, I never knew he was under the Evil karma so being the arse that he is

Post 3) he will tell you to approach Clanden carefully, but lay a trap and "rescue" the player before any info is given and exploit you pretending he happened to save you just in time. Which would match his journal and the prositute (Joana?) say about him.
Post 2) he will be a little bit later, so more torture more sexout... I guess?? and same as post 3.

*SECOND ROADBLOCK* Cachino will tell the courier to lay low again, and when she comes back, they assume the messenger was the second traitor helping the courier and have already killed him off?

Didn't really want to post this as I didn't want to commit to anything, but if I'm still coming back to this 1 day after I said, "nah, it's a stupid idea," then maybe I have a bit more commitment than I thought.

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