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How to rip models from PS3 games?


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its possible but it dosnt sound to me like you know much of modding and its a hell of alot of work for someone with no experience to pull off. The tools used will rip almost any model (not all games can be ripped, there is a growing list of those that cant) but you will not get a t posed character nor will get a uv mapped mesh.


and then some of the different programs that are used rip the model will rip it into tiny parts that actually need to be reassembled in blender or max

anyway this really isnt the place to be asking for a how to on this


you should google search how to blah blah blah and you will stumble on to the forums you want

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i used google to search "how to rip 3d models from PS3 games" the first 5 links turned up a wealth of information including what software to use where to get it from and where to go for the documentation on how to use the software


I am not trying to be a fucking dick but if you cannot manage a google search I dont predict you having much luck on ripping and porting. You would probably be better off simply searching for the model that you want

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