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[HELP!] Looking For Armor MOD Components or Full Armor MOD


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PLEASE NOTE:  I have searched through out almost all " What mod is this Mod?" Threads, in loverslab and no luck what so ever. I decided to start this just so, re-up loaders would not have to see my continuous instant for the mod. I apologize to the moderators 


Hi, im looking for all armor components, im only looking for armor .


 This is a pic with three models but im only looking for the full armor or armor components to recreate the armor, the one on the middle is the armor im looking for.




Here is a solo pic of the armor (again im sorry for the proportions but its the only pics i could find)




Thanks for the help in advance


Additional Questions:


Does this armor mod even exist?


Is it a combination of different armors or just a armor overhaul/re-texture?


PS: If you happen to know the name of the mod or mods used to recreate this armor please message me or comment TY! :)

I have attached the pictures in case the links do not work.





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