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Not looking forward to this...


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I stepped away from playing Skyrim for some time and now that I've taken a notion to get back into playing it again I've got to do alot of updates to mods that I have downloaded. I have alot of mods to update, and I'm really not looking forward to picking through my files to find what ones belong to which mod...


Thankfully I always keep a vanilla copy of Skyrim stashed away on my HD so if I screw something up royally I don't have to wait hours for Steam to re-download it.


But I've got a couple mods that I have made personal changes to, to make them work with other mods or outfits that needed tweaking. I don't have many of those, so getting those together would only take a few minutes.


What would you rather do?


Start from scratch and install the new updated mods, porting over personal mods. Or sift through a bunch of mods trying to update them? This may, or may not mean that I would have to start a new save; which I'm okay with that.

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So, how do I add mods to Mod Organizer? And what if just needing resources from a mod, or if I want to make adjustments to a mod?




Also, I'm going to go ahead and update my mods with my current Skyrim build so I can go ahead and play it. But I'll work on getting another build set up with Mod Organizer that'll be compatible with my current save and transfer that over to the new build.

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Just put the zips/rars into a folder you want to install them from, then install with the upper left button. If you just want to use components of a mod, you can make a separate folder, put what you want in that, and select only one of them to load. Or if you've only modded one component and you want only that to overwrite, give that it's own mods/ folder and set it lower on the list.

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