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FOMM has a weird error, can't (re)install mods. "A problem occured during install: The file exists"


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What the hell??  Happened out of no where, and now my game is broken too.  I get the glitch where meshes/textures just start fucking up for no reason, I can't open the pause menu, and a purple like overlay pops ups behind the pip-boy. :(


I just got TTW to work a couple days ago too.

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Guest endgameaddiction

You have too many mods installed. There is a limit to how many mods can be installed at that limit is 254. Anything over that starts to give you glitches. Missing meshes, missing textures... starts to mess up your HUD and pipboy. You'll have to start merging files to reduce the amount or sacrifice mods.


Armor mods is one that usually eats up your load order and it's best to just merge them together. Same can be said for weapons if you like to have a shit tone of weapon mods installed.

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