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Dialogue duration


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English isn't my native language and although I can mostly understand it non voiced dialogues are sometimes too fast for my translation skills. I would like to know if there's a solution to increase the duration of the non voiced dialogues.


I apologize if I'm in the wrong section of the forum as this isn't really a technical problem. I tried to search answers on this forum and other FNV sites but didn't find. I will gladly appreciate if someone has a solution for this.

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Guest endgameaddiction

The trick that I do when it involves a NPC with no voice acting and only displays dialogue is, when ever it's a very long sentence (or two) I press the ~ (tilde key) to bring up the console command line to freeze the screen to be able to read the dialogue. Just repeat it for every new dialogue displayed that is very long and not enough time to read.


I do this sometimes even where there is voice acting for the dialogue in case i don't understand every word being said. Even bringing up the console with tilde key the acted out voice will continue to play during the freeze screen of console

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