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Cant ride Sahrotaar


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Hey everybody,

Today I was playing Dragonborn and in the last mission where you have to use the bend will shout on sahrotaar I cant ride him.He says I should ride him and he'll take me to Miraak but when I press E on him my acter glitches under him causing the camera to spazz out and we both slide to the left.

I hope you can help me fix this problem.

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Allright I found a fix.
So looking around 10 million forums i found somebody who said that he fixed the issue by uninstalling a mod called "Longer Dragon Battle Base 5K" or something like that.I dont have that mod installed though it looked like it was a Dragon Mod that increased the amount of health a Dragon has.I have such a mod installed too 'Ultimate Dragons'.Uninstalling this mod fixed the issue for me.

I tried uninstalling DCO (Dragon Combat Overhaul) but this didn't fix the issue.

So if you have a problem with mounting Sharotaar,especially if you cant mount him and just push him aside then try uninstalling all the mods that affect a Dragons HP.How you set them up doesn't seem to matter because I set up Ultimate Dragons to not affect Dragons HP.

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