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Missing Meshes

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I'm running into an issue of missing meshes, but after installing/reinstalling various files for a while now, I've been getting nowhere. I don't know if I'm installing one of the files wrong or if my load order is wrong or what. At the behest of my sanity, I'd rather risk looking like an idiot to clear this matter up.


Perhaps I can narrow this issue down? I assume the source of all my missing meshes relates to a single file, and I know that A3Impreg is one such mesh I'm missing -- Relating to sexlab breeder. Additionally, I'm getting a big "Missing Texture" bang regarding the scenery, it looks like the missing item is A3SlimesuitNP. Googling either seems to largely be a dead end.


I also appear to have an issue of invisible deathclaws. I've seen it mentioned a couple of times, but hell if I know what's causing it, or if it's related.

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Two things

- Make sure you have all the required mods, textures, and meshes for sexout and all the mods you have. Sometimes they require third party textures, meshes, and mods not included in the regular files. The lists are also updated sometimes to include newer things they need.


-Two; sometimes changing your graphic settings up higher makes certain textures appear for some reason. I don't know if this was every fixed, but I know for breeder for example there was a texture for one of the wufs that wouldn't appear unless your settings were on high.


Also, what mods are you using exactly?

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