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A list of non-boob-focused-armors?

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Does anyone have a list of armor mods that use HDT and aren't focused on LOLBOOBS LOLBUTTS constantly? Sorry, I just see so much of that stuff that it's kind of buried the mods I'm looking for. Only thing I know of is Empire Coat and the one mod that turned a few capes into HDT capes. :/


To clarify: Mods that focus on physics on clothing (IE flowing trenchcoat; think like imperial shadow armor mod- NOT boobs/butts, but that can be a part of it.)

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Not familiar with those at all.  I don't imagine a lot of mod authors are working on that, but there may be some.  I'm guessing the Asian mod community may be your best bet.  I could see the focus for animated coats or capes being a focus for them with all the new work on HDT physics.  Possibly down the road you might see this come around as something worked on more commonly. 


I could be totally wrong.  I just haven't seen it yet. 

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google for these: angelic hdt, hongmum coat hdt, flowing cape hdt, hdt earings, hdt wings, hdt guard cloak replacer (think you know of this one), of course various hdt hair and hdt high heels, empire coat as you say, plus npr china dress, hdt test skirts.  there are a few.  (I can't post links). There's a wonderful hdt hair ribbon as well.   kurumi hdt dress, shining will hdt armor, plus one Aisan modder was adding tails and such to a few armors (can't find a reference to him atm). you can make skyrim move in many ways!


immersive armors the daddy for non breastage armours maybe (but not hdt).   Think adding hdt to armors, and having them scale with body size and such, is more involved than just creating armor and copying TBBP weights: hence not millions of them.





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