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"Hanging" people with crossbow?


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Hi there, I'm realy new to modding, and I'm german, so I hope I can get this understandable.



Because I think, I've just had a great idea for a mod, and I hope, this is realizable to do (if its not already done).



So here is the idea:



I thoght it would be fun, to shoot people (dead or alive) with a crossbow (or bow), hanging on a rope to a wal (or something).



I mean, perhaps it would be posible, to attach a rope, to a bolt (or arrow), and the other side of the rope to a necklace, put the necklase on a person, and shoot the bolt and let the person fly (to a wall, s the person will be hanging there).


Or what about 2 bolts, connected with a rope to each other, so that you can first shoot at someone, with the first bolt on one side of the rope, and then shoot the other bolt, attached to the other side of the rope?



I think this would be fun, so what do you think? Is this possible, or allready done before?



Best regards


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Seems unlikely, since correct me if im wrong you cant edit or attach things to bones using scripting. 


What about editing a rope or chain to bolt(s) or arrow(s) with a program, as special ammo, like a chainbolt or something?


Something like Scorpion's spear from Mortal Kombat.



Well that's part of the problem we're talking about. A seemingly flexible Mesh that kind of Moves and extracts/detracts....i don't know. HDT makes a lot of Things possible but that concept sounds like a huge Headache.

Some VERY talented People have been juggling the Idea of visible Leashes attached from one PC/NPC to another for quite a long time and still hit a Wall.


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