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Mod Ideas for modder


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First sorry for my bad english.


I´m not a modder, but i have some ideas.


Yellow for the newest, green 1 week and older.


Naked advenger:

After the first dragon kill near the tower, the yarl of whitrun will test your strength.

A guard take all your stuff and you will get it bag after this special test.

You can choose one weapon ( Knife, Sword, two hand Sword or Bow with 1000 iron arrows).

The mission is to survive with nothing except one weapon and this for one month.



You have to bring the yarl 50 wolf, 20 bear, 20 sabrecat pelts.

Go to the towns is not allowed, or you will be arrestet for one day and after arrest send back to the wilderness.

It will be a crime for that time when you wear armor or other clothes, even shoes, gloves or helm is not allowed.


Devious Devices stuff is allowed.


When you are not be able to bring the yarl those pelts, he get your stuff back for 10 days and give you the time

to train your abilitys.

After that you have to do it again and beginn with no pelts.


When you win this you get the house in whitrun for free, but your stuff is sold because you are strong enough and

don´t need it anymore.


For MCM: The rule not wearing clothes or armor after that advenger is still the same ( able or enable )

               After win you get your stuff back ( able or enable )

               After win you get the house in whitrun for free ( able or enable )


For an other town:


The Naked Hunt


A Yarl wil test your strength and experience, if you win you get a house or a piece of land free.

But if you lose this is an other story. It could be a cell with 4 men or woman they want a lot of fun with you, or

a cave/dungeon on with chaures, wolfs, bears, falmers or rieklings and they want have fun with you too.

The same rules like Whitrun but you don´t need pelts this time.


The game is: you are naked again but this time easy or hard way, choose it in MCM. Easy = new rule only naked and this time no weapon,

if you have or will find a weapon than hide it the guards will arrest you for 1 day because you brake the rules. 

Hard = same like in easy and a couple of devios devices things, choose 5 of them in MCM and you get them on this quest.

Leaf the town and after 2 hours will hunters send for you and hunt you :P . Dont worry they dont kill, but if the hunters catch you then it makes a little truble for two days in a cell, cave or dungeon. I think a cell is the easiest way for modder. This yarl give you no time to train, he has a bet on

you and if you lose he lose this money too. Can you not pay him his lost money he punished you in the town. What punishment? I let choose this the modder. You win if no one can catch you in 10 days and the prison will not help you, the hunters will knew this and makes them easier to get you.


Next town :cool: :


The same thing again mh???

Nop. I got one idea.




Rules are the same like in the first town Whitrun.

A guard watch you as deponent that you make this without rule braiking.

Destroy a bandit camp for a precious for the yarl. The precious could be a nice joke for the player :D  ( small color stone with the town sign, the yarls pet a small rat or spider, an empty coloring book, the yarls lovely doll, or a better joke). But the yarl talk only about his precious. You can tell this the guards or other guys, but the yarl is not happy about this and he will punished you if you tell it. 


Now time for Rifton or Winterhold:


The Rifton yarl send you on a mission this time can you wear armor what you want. The yarl talk about a bandit place very good hidden.

A trapdoor is the portal. Under the groundthe trapdoor is loked now and you go the only one way there is left. You open the next door and you will

be hit by an poisoned arrow and you blacked out. You wake up naked loked on a cross and a torturer sit ther and begin to talk. " You cost us a lot of money to bring you to this place". Player: what do you want from me? Torturer: We want you here, the mighty dragonborn as our guest.

Player: Where am i? Torturer: The Boss make this place what it is now and he did a very big weel thing here. You mus know we wanted you because the other aren´t good enough. They died very soon but you will make it, all 10 levels and this make us a lot of money. The guys outside have a lot money we want. You get your freedom again when you are still allive after thos levels. This event call we 10 days 10 levels and 10 creature in the arena. You get visitors at night some food and water too and the visitor will have a little fun with you. If you kill him you will be bound and 4 visitors will come and they are not very nice to you. We let you free in the morning from this cross this in eight hours and you will send to your first level in the arena. One  ore this creatures aren´t ther to kill you, survive 12 hours and you get your own cell. Iff you give up than we have to train you at night and that means 4 guys in your cell for 10 hours. I nealy forgot one thing, i give you an tatoo thats why i´m here. Yes i am a torturer but the real torture will be your tatoo on your body ( spunk buket from qayl ). Win you all 10 lvls than the tatoo will vanish it is a magical tatoo. After the fifth level a guy will help you out, ( you can agree but you will have your tatoo for ever, you can say no the guy die after the 7th level and his death body is in the arena to feet the animals ). There are four creatures on each level.

Level 1: wolfs, lvl 2 rieklings, lvl 3 crazy human, lvl 4 draugre, lvl 5 falmer, lvl 6 bear, lvl 7 troll, lvl 8 horse, lvl 9 chaures, lvl 10 giant.


Together with the new perk tree it will be a little harder.


New perk tree:


There is light and heavy armor and now a tree for wearing no armor.

The rules to get experience you must have sex, they bigger they are so more experience you get.

Sex experience on: rieklings very less, Human not much less when you ask him they agree, wolfs and dogs little more experience,

next stage sabrecat, next bear and werewolf, than troll and chaures, next is horse and giant and the last one is the dragon.


This perks works only when you are naked.

The big cock from giant, horse, bear, chaures, werewolf, troll and dragon kill you on the begin. I think you know why. 


On the beginning:

You are not so fast wenn you are naked, because your feet are sensitive speed 80%.

Heavy weapons are to heavy to carry them with you because your muscles are not strong enough and there is nothing to hold them on your body ( except for the bow ).

Sneaking is harder 50% because you are very nervous and somebody could see you naked.


Perk tree:

Resist against magic 5%, fire 5% ice 5% schock dmg 5% - 40, 15% - 60, 30% - 80

Armor points: 0 - 50, 20 - 100, 40 - 150, 60 - 200, 80 - 250, 100 - 300

Sneaking:  20 - +20%, 40 - +35% ,  60 - +50%

Armor blocking: 0 - gloves slot is blocked +50 armor, 20 - helm slot blocked + 50 armor, 30 boots slot blocked + 50, 40 - body slot is blockt +150 armor

Speed: 40  +10%, 60 + 10 %, 80 +10% 

Survive Cock: on 0 you survive bear and werewolf health go 80% down, on 20 chaures and troll health go 80 % down on the bear and werewolf 60%, on 40 giant and horse 80% health down chaures and troll 60% bear and werewolf 40%, 60 survive dragon 80% health down bear and werewolf 20% - chaures and troll 40% - giant and horse 60%, on 80 health down on dragon 60% - giant and horse 40% - chaures, troll, bear, werewolf 20%, on 100 dragon 40% all other 20% health down.


It could be that i forgot some creatures, but the most important are there.


On the end you get the news that the yarl got 100.000 septime for give  you this mission.

Now you know where they are and you can get revench and kill them all. Be carefull on this door or all things beginn again.


Next town or one of the other towns again:


This is together with the naked course.

The yarl send you n a mission to kill a dangerous guy. This guy can controll the dwemer centurios. You go to this place and this guy talk to you 6 centurios are one the left and on the right. The Guy: I´m a creator from the centurios what do you want from me?

Player: the yarl send me to kill you. Guy: Kill me, this is the funniest thing i ever heard. No one can kill me not even myself. I tried many times and i gave up. There is only one thing what can kill me but this is dangerous and i can´t do this. Only a woman can do this. There is one of the 7 magical books and the 7. one gave me this course and i don´t know where the other 5 are, but one i know.  It was send to the breezhome yesterday and to brake my course you have to read all 6 other books. I burned the 7 to save other people. I heard about an 8. magical book and i was looking for this but this is a myth. Read all 6 books to save me so you can kill me and don´t try to find the 8. book it is imposible to find it.


The 6 Books


Naked Course:


You go to your Breezehome find a magical book and when you open this book you see it is empty. Now you close this book

and have a strange feeling that something ist not wrong. Your armor, boots, gloves and helmet are in your inventory but you can´t

pull them on.


You can´t go out, because what the people are thinking when you are naked. So you sleep first, in hope this is only a nightmare.

Now you wake up in a dungeon in the middle of nowehre. There you find some letters: first letter: can i break this course somehow? 

I find an other strange magical book, but i´m to scared to open it. So i hide it to save me and other people but it´s missing now.

Someone took this book and in don´t know who. I find a speer a very small one, it could belong to one of the rieklings. )

Next letter: I find a way out here but going naked outside feels strange and outside i heard bandits or thiefs there. Maybee i

try it in the night to go out.


When you make it to the rieklings there you find this book and a death body. If you open the book you feel strange again now you get a big tatoo on your body ( qayl tat ) and all stuff in the inventory is gone.After opening the second book twice you can read how to break this course. You read in this book: You need 4 more books to break this course,but be warnt each book make this course worse. Book 3 course: all the people if see you naked call the guards to arrest you.Book 4 course: all people they see rape you many times after that they call the guards and you will be arrested. Book 5 course: you get an invisible plug with no belt, you can´t touch it or pull it out. Book 6 course xD: a spirit come out this book and will tell you how break this course.


You must make one mission for each course to break it.

It could be:

You must have sex with one from all species.

You have to survive 2 days in a cave with many thiefes they rape you.

You must find the amazonen village and you have to be there toy.

You must be a sexslave for the bounty hunter in there prison. Sometimes you are raped on the reck, X cross or other stuff like this if the animation some time are made for this.

You have to rape a guard


Now you can kill the guy, and complete you mission. Search the guys pockets and you find the 8. book. In this book: One course is unbreakable and you choose what course it is. If you brake allready all courses you get all back again with the 8. book. You get the course you have chosen and the other disapear. Don´t read the book again because you get the next unbreakable course.


I think this is engough for this mod.


Next Idea  is kidnapping mod.


The guy from Dangerous nights wrote about it on the beginning, but i think he don´t make this in his mod.

Because its vanished from his plans.


The reason for kidnapping is, when you make someone angry by steeling his stuff from his home.

The kidnapper get you when you sleep in your house and he sell you to a buisness guy. Even your stuff will be sold, to a trader.



When you be sold to Rifton. You have handcuffs and after many rapes you will get a chance off escape.


Creatures toy arena near Solitude:

You are ther a couple off days for a good show, you will be raped by many creatures.


Human toy arena near Falkreath:

The same thing like above without creatures, only with Human.



Bandit  Camp:

You have to make what they want, or you will be punished or raped.



You are his little fucktoy.



Next mod could be,


Be robed in sleep:


The thieves can steel anything from you even from home.

The only thing you will see from him is that your stuff is missing.

Quest items are save.



This mods are ideas for modder, changes or more quest are allowed :b

I hope someone can make this mods.


I have 2 more Ideas. But i don´t tell about it now, because i will try to make them by my self.

It will take a while to undersand this and i have not much freetime. 

When it is to hard for me, than i wride them  here.


New stuff for modders:


Burning Armors


It gives many armors with leather stuff of weakthe er like robes or normal clothes.

But why burns this not up on fire? Here is the mod idea fire burns armors ( includes helm, gloves and boots ) totally up in 30 seconds.

That means you have this time to put the armor out and throw it away or you find a water ( river, shower or seawater ) 

to put the flames out. A armore with recist against fire is a little stronger, but on those weak armors it won´t help.

Armors gose puff in less time on dragon fire, dragon fire is much stronger than normal or magical fire. Stronger armors needs more time to burn up and more time again with fire resiced. Glass, eboni and dragon armors are much stronger against fire and with resiced it can´t be destroyed.


One more idea:


NPC reactions on slavetats ( should working on quick as you like tats and the slavetats too ).

The reaction could be: rape or NPC watching PC because the tats


I gave the the some time to make those mods, thats why i didn´t write more.

I think it was enough time, so i write one more mode here.


The good luck Ring


You find the guy when you have 3 build houses and when you buyed all others houses in the towns. And the warrior find you in your home and talk to you there about the quest. It is a normal ring, you don´t see or feel anything about that Ring.

Here the quest: a warrior ( very good fighter ) give you this mission to bring this ring to him, because this is the ring from his mother.

                      You can kill the witch or you ask her because of the key for this box. She give you this box if you ask her and the key

                       with the words: do not open this box throw it in the see. But this is not your quest :D .

                       The ring is in a closed box and to open it you need the key and a little magic. Fire and ice first than the key, after that you can

                       open it only under water. 

On the to this warrior in the first town, he is not there but one guard give you a reward for helping all people only 10.000 gold and he says

to you the warrior is the other town now and waiting for you there. You find out that all prices by the trader are nearly for free, because you are a good guy and help the towns. On the way to this town a bandit try to rob you but he feel directly on a trap and die.

The bandit have many things in his pocket, like a full set high end dragon armor + weapons, rings with bonus one hand, bow, sneaking, walking on water. Now, want you realy give the ring the warrior? :P Why not, because you got all what you need :). You find the guy in the next town and give him this ring. You go sleep to the next day and you feel gread and ready for the last missions. You go in the city and the guards want arrest you, because you never payed the tax and you killed a guy with an important mission to find a bad ring. Your bouty is 10.000 across skyrim, the trader want much more than before when you want to buy something 1.000 gold ist the cheapest thing that was before 1 gold ( that means all pirces are 1000 times higher for you even for some food because no one like you anymore ). Your houses are sold to the town again, if you want buy them back you must pay 100.000 for one empty house ( all things are gone now ). All your things your care with you are seized and getting sold. That means you go to the prisons across skyrim ( goog with prison overhaul or horrofied female prison ) and you have nothing when you get out.

The way out of this to find that warrior with the ring, but be carefull no questmark and the warrior is realy strong even you have a good armor.

When you got the ring, throw it in the see and everything is back to normal.


When the mod ist made I wish good luck  :D 

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These are REALLY good ideas! I also have one myself. As far as how it should be named I am not sure but I think something like "Sleep Fucked"  "Sleep Creep(er)" etc, etc. Who ever makes this mod can come up with a name he likes. As far as how it should work could be quite simple, allow me to explain to those who can get a better picture of what I am talking about.


When he or she is sleeping there is a chance that they will not awake while x player is having their way with y player. In my mind this can be done one of two ways.


1. The better your sneak skill is the less likely they will wake up.  However... The only problem with that is those that do not wish to spend points into sneak will make it unfair. Therefore, solution 2.


2.In MCM have a configuration of how the player would like to approach it and or place in item into the game that makes them unconscious.


Also please note that these are only examples I was only trying to be a bit more forthcoming. Anyway, this would be a neat feature.

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