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I Give you Modwat.ch!!!


a tool that let you share your Plugins, Modlist, and your Skyrim.ini and Skyrimprefs.ini in an quick and easy fashion.


How it works, it will read your files and then upload them to the site with your username on it (the one you made from within the exe)

next time you run the exe it will remember your username and where your files are if your auth.dat file is in the same folder, it ever works from within MO now that its a exe file and no longer a python file.


words of the creator of the tool himself:


It's official, you can now upload your load orders (and more) with the simple double click of a file, no python download necessary. This not only means you don't have to figure out what Python is, you can now upload directly from Mod Organizer! Simply add it the same way you would SKSE or TES5Edit.

But wait, there's more! I've been teasing the upload of more files at my own page for the past week, but now you can upload those files to your own pages and show off your ini tweaking prowess to the world! Or in my case, let everyone know you have literally no idea what you're doing. The list of files now supported are plugins.txt, modlist.txt, skyrim.ini, and skyrimprefs.ini. Hopefully the next steps will be adding even more files to the list, like

Once the bugs are ironed out with this release, and support for a few more files is added, the next step will be to move on to adding support for Fallout. And hopefully before that I'll figure out how to make the home page a little more... acceptable. If anyone wants to volunteer their skills to help make the site a little easier on the eyes, let me know, I'm desperate!

Alright, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the mod, and let me know if you have any issues on the nexus page, github, or message me on reddit!

-Peanut, 9/9/2014



there is also talk about adding support for ENB.ini files, SKSE.ini and the HDT XML files.



if you think of anything you would like the app to support or change somehow (or even help yourself) then head over to the GitHub page and support an Issue or try to help if you have the skills. (us without skills can still help with user input, error checking/reporting and other user side things)


NOTE: i did NOT make this mod, i cant help you with issues about the code or anything.

I am just trying to spread the word about this app.




Nexus Page

Preview from the Creator

Preview from Me


Creator's Reddit User


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I would love to see some of the vet's post their mod list's on this site showing which ENB they prefer that has the most compatibility with HDT, Sexlab (and various sub-mods). 3 weeks of trying different combinations to get a stable game where I can enjoy Sexlabs+moonlight+Maidens+etc while the game looks amazing is getting frustrating. I'm almost to the point where I think you guys are trolling the community and you don't really play Skyrim you just make "stand-a-lone (read..no other mods installed)" mods to tease us with lol. I know that's not the case but my frustration at trying to get a stable game is getting the better of me =/.

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