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BackUp modded Skyrim for fresh Windows


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So my PC has bean acting strange lately so it time for a fresh install. However I want to back up Skyrim with its mods the way it is right now, it took me weeks to get everything working and don't want to have to redo it. So my question is what is best back up solution for windows 8.1, something that can back up installed programs and restore them to working order.



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Get a Remote Hard Drive and copy the Skyrim Game, and Your Skyrim Folder from Saved Games.

EDIT After Your PC has been reformatted or replaced, allow Steam to reinstall an unmodded Game, play the Game and make a Save or two. Once the Game has been played then use the copy to reinstall Your Modded Game, and Your Modded Saves onto the PC.

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How would this work with MO? Since nothing is actually in the Skyrim folder and everything is kept in modular folders will MO recognize them and use them like it is supposed to?

I do not use MO, but I am assuming Mod Organiser has a physical location on Your HD that should be copied as well. I use Wrye Bash and transferring My Skyrim Mods Folder from one PC to another is how I usually accomplish keeping My Mods updated on the PC I am using now.

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