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Keizaal los Orkiin, ahrk ful yun bok los kiin.

What is Keizaal you may ask yourself. Well, it's a Skyrim Overhaul. Another one you say? Yes, another Skyrim Overhaul, however this Overhaul was borne out of the need for something better. I deslike every other Overhaul there is for Skyrim, some have to many perks, others barely change anything, or sometimes they just create ridiculous difficulties. If your like me and are simply disappointed with the current variety of Overhauls then perhaps your might want to give this one a go! I aim to achieve the perfect balance between Realism, Roleplaying and Gameplay. And not only that, but I want this mod to light-weight and compatible with as many mods as possible. Meaning, that this Overhaul is MODULAR and 100% FREE of SCRIPTS!


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