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Mod Request: Damn Chickens!


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Ok Here's an idea, I hope someone thinks this is worthy. I've been playing skyrim for sometime now, modded the crap out of my game(150+ mods and that's not including retextures). What is up with the chickens of skyrim? I mean how is it that a 5lb chicken can push me to the side? Or if I walking or running, or sprinting, how is this same chicken can bring me to a stop? So it's simple, I hope anyways, make the chickens get out of the way. Better yet, if I'm running and collide with one how about the chicken jump out of the way flapping is wings. But then plus too, the textures on vanilla chickens suck, do you guys n gals know of someone that did a retexture for the chickens? I would do this myself but I'm old, three kids and I just don't have the skills to do it. Thanks for reading to anyone that does, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

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