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I know this is an adult modding website but I have wrote an essay and would really like someone who knows their grammar to review it for me because it is important and I don't want to hand in something with mistakes. I'm writing this to see if anyone here can help me if not its ok and sorry for wasting your time. 

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I'd be careful with this one, killer. Who knows? Your teacher just might be a gamer on Lovers Lab! Rumour has it that even the great Ashal himself leads a double life as an internationally famous English Professor (some say he is none other than Stanley Fish). Who knows? He might have edited the text of Shakespeare or Keats that you are using.  Most of us here find it a  struggle even to write one liners for the Apropos mod, and solecisms still get through, so we are probably not the best people to ask for help with grammar (though Decauk seems to be very competent in that area). Here is one small heads up: "I have wrote" is ungrammatical. "Wrote" is the past indicative. You want the past participle: "I have written." 


I swear  I am not your teacher.  At least I think not.  Wait a minute! Are you the kid who always walks in late?

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