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Combat/Attack Animation Problems


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I've been trying to make some combat/attack animations for my brother. 
However, everytime I finish editing them and convert and import them into the game via hkxcmd.exe the animation plays but all weapon sheaths move up my dovah's back. I've used the whole iron sword weapon position and orientation constraints like Bergzore said in the tutorial, but during the animation the sword stays upright.
I'm using 3ds MAX 2012 x64. I've got Havok Content Tools 2012.2 x64. I've also been watching those tutorials by Bergzore.
Also is it possible to convert oblivion attack animations instead? I watched this tutorial
, went to the link he gave http://casualmods.net/Tutorials/ExportAnim.html, google translated it and followed it through. However, ingame, I just get the stills after replacing an attack animation with the converted one, and trying to use that animation.
Can anyone help me? Please? 
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