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In need of a glitch fix


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For the past few days I've been experiencing a weird effects glitch on my character. It doesn't really hamper my gameplay but it's very annoying visually. I have this glitch that has the Spriggan aura effect and my character's eyes are glowing. I can't remember exactly how it happened but the last instance I recall before it occurred was fighting a Spriggan Matron I thought at first it was caused from a disease and could cure or by one or more of the many mods I use for Skyrim. But after removing all of them and re-installing the game the glitch is still there. I'm hoping I accidentally triggered it via console command and its not a corruption of my save games files. I thought I was able to remove the glitch by entering the race menu via console but it just reverts back when I load a save game. I tried looking for a command that might fix this but none of them match the description of this glitch effect. Below is an image of my character without mods after re-stalling Skyrim. If anyone can help me resolve this I'd be most grateful.





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