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Svegard from Falskaar Mod


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I just completed all the quests in the  Falskaar add on (WOW...LOVED it).  I REALLY like Svegard and want to make him a follower and/or just marry him.  Does anyone know if there are conflicts if I use the 'make follower' spell on him and then travel around back in Skyrim.  I have Enhanced Spouses installed, but am not sure if he will become available once he is a follower.  I was tempted to install Lover's Comfort and use that until I decide on a spouse and then activate Enhanced Spouses to replace LC.  I am mainly concerned it might cause system issues since he's not classified as being available as a spouse.




A Mod using 'newbie'. :D


P.S.  There has to be more 'Svegard' lovers out there.  He was so polite and his character is 'looking for the right girl' still...and dang it...I wanna be her! haha

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