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Need some quick help with a misbehaving nif

Blah Blahson

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So I decided to modify the female Shrouded Cowl so that the hood and mask fits Argonians, and I did this using Outfit Studio. The mesh came out okay, but the problem is that it is now attached to my feet. I opened it up in Nifskope and figured why it might be like this, but any changes I make using Nifskope don't seem to work. I'm an amateur at this, but it looks like the node and the mesh aren't aligned, and any change I make to reposition the mesh also repositions the node, and vice-versa.


It looks like it might be a simple change that I haven't figured out yet, and I'd appreciate any help. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post any images or attach the nif.



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Looks as though OS changed the centre of the mesh but not the bones.


Try this, i have not tested it.


Perfect, thanks. There is some clipping with males though, but that doesn't apply to me. What did you do to fix this? I need to keep it in mind if I change some helmets later.



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I don't like using Nifskope so i imported the mesh into 3ds max, along with the female Argonian head mesh and skeleton, adjusted it and exported.


But you should be able to do it in nifskope by right clicking the mesh and go to "transform > edit" then change the X, Y, Z axis to where you want it click "accept"

then right click the mesh again and go "transform > apply" a warning will pop up pick "try anyway" and then save the nif.


Remember to make a copy of the nif before you start editing it, just in case shit goes wrong.


You can also do this in blender or probably OS.


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