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Sexlab Animations Issue

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So I am having issues with the sex animations, to start this off the animations enemy do when taking off your clothes work fine... but the animation for when they rape you does not start until I press escape or something though once the animation starts my character goes into a default model pose and the enemy trying to rape me turns into a head with arms and legs but no torso, and we stand there awkwardly until I press the space (advance button) 2 or 3 times. I have a picture of the problem also, same goes with animals but instead they wont attempt to take your clothes off instead you end up doing a sit animation that you can struggle out of while the animal does nothing but stand there, and even if I do get the rape scene to work for the animal it does the same thing as mentioned before. Please if you can help I would be very thankful, plus I have tried the other tips the thread has given me and none of them seemed to fix the problem.post-239156-0-83681200-1407902726_thumb.jpg

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