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SexoutSlavers2 dialogue fix

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WARNING: Provided screenshot might be considered a spoiler. Only use as an example if you've played SS2 before!


SexoutSlavers2 is a great mod, but the dialogue was killing the immersion for me. This is my attempt to fix that.


Some things you need to know:


- I've never modded anything before. This should be a basic fix, but back up your .esps/.esms and save files just in case.

- This fix only changes dialogue, notes, terminals etc, hence the small file size. It does not add or alter any mod features, nor could I.

- This is not a replacer for SexoutSlavers2.esm - you must include that file. Drop this .esp somewhere in the load order beneath it.


Some things you might want to know:


- I took a lot of liberties with this. Sometimes it wasn't clear what the mod author meant in his writing, and I just rewrote the text completely. Sometimes I added flavour text or quips. I also added some definition to the slave/master dialogue and the 'mind break' training scenarios, and some cusses when you get rejected. Everything was intended to fit the situation as I saw it, but the changes might not be to your personal taste. In theory, you could just disable the esp and it should return to the old writing. In theory.

- I didn't clarify the Jeannie May quest, but hopefully you know where to look by now (she didn't spend all her time at the motel!).

- I might not have caught everything in amongst GECK's thousands of expandable categories, so let me know if anything major hasn't been rewritten. There might also be some Britishisms - I tried to go back and Americanize everything (as per the setting) but again, I might have missed a word or two.

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P.S. My bad, didn't realise this would make a new topic - I tried to just attach it to a post in the original thread, but it wouldn't let me. Wouldn't even let me edit this message into the OP. Low post count, I guess. 


This fix works for me, but I have no idea whether it'll work for anyone else. Let me know asap so I can pull the download before it gets too much flak.

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