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Vampire face makeup issue


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Some might see this as a issue but for me its annoying and I cannot say for sure if this is due to the makeup on this char but here it is youll see her face is a bit blotchy. 




What I have going for makeup/face textures is I run SG texture renewal also better females by bella reduced makeup and high rez makeup for skse. For vampires i'm running better vampire + better  vampire fangs and eyes with the ece patch but for fangs only don't like the eyes in that mod+ dawnguard vampire eyes. I also have copied the reg sg textures over and renamed them to replace the vampire facial textures so other than fangs/eyes they would hopefully look the same. This only happens when I become a vampire and would love to fix it in my mind vampires should normally look the same as a human minus eyes/fangs unless they need to feed bad. She has never advanced stages and curing her does revert to a clean face.

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Guest LogicFoxX

As Absurdity says, you'll need to open the femaleheaddirt texture with something like notepad, delete everything in it (ctrl a, del) then save it to it's proper filestructure location in the skyrim data folder.


I believe the location is data/textures/actors/character/characterassets/tintmasks and there are more than one overlay dirt texture dds files in there for females.

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