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Bijin war maidens CME file?


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Any way to make my own CME save file in some way. I really want to do a (lydia) playthrough using the (Bijin Warmaidens) preset of lydia.


I haven't looked at the files but just wondering could I save her preset in some way into the CME saves.

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Not really sure if any of this is going to work, as i never tried it on custom NPCs, but you could try to:


1st method: Install older version of RaceMenu (2.1.5 for example) and it's 'Mimic plugin' then load the game, use the mimic spell on Lydia, save the game (on new slot!) and turn off the RM (otherwise you won't be able to save CME presets). Now load the game again and check if your face is a complete mess or if it is not. If it looks normal then you can save your face as CME preset and you're good to go.


2nd method: In CreationKit load the Bijin Warmaidens plugin, find Lydia, duplicate her and try to make a preset out of her. Save the changes, load the game, check if the new preset look as it should. If yes then you can save it as a CME preset. Whether it works or not, remember to bring back the old version of Bijin Warmaidens esp, the new one will most probably conflict with any mod that edit 'Race' entries in CK.

If you don't know how to make a presets out of of actors in CK then check this tutorial: http://hubpages.com/hub/tut_charplugins


3rd method - the easiest and the fastest: Uninstall ECE, install newest RaceMenu, use 'Mimic plugin', save your face as a RM preset. Start new game, load your preset. Done.



Edit: Also, you could also try to PM the author and ask him if he still has CME preset for characters from that mod and if he is willing to share them.

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