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SkyRe/Skytweak bug

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I have a rather annoying bug that I couldn't find info about, so hopefully someone here has encountered it yet or has the answer for this.

What happens is that after installing SkyRe, that weird blue lighting around my pc started appearing, it goes on and off at a random pattern, and it's very annoying because it keeps staggering NPCs when I talk to them, now, in the screenshot (it's hard to see, but it's there) you can see I managed to click on it to see its info, but it says the mod source is skytweak, which is weird, because I remember a long time ago that I tried out SkyRe, and I clearly remember the blue thingy, but I didn't payed it mind then because I ended up using SPERG, but one thing it's for sure, at that time, I didn't even knew about Skytweak, so it's weird it says it's from there, really confusing.



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