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Skyrim Crashing After Bethesda Logo. FIXED

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So, Skyrim crashes after the logo and i tried fixing it and i most likely made it worse. I'm a complete dumbass when it comes to computers.

I think that my load order is wrong and I don't want to ask my nerdy friends for help because I have some fucked up mods.

I have LOOT (which I don't know how to use because i'm impatient) and alot of my mods have blue texts on them. I also have TESVedit and in there i did something. That something was me removing green entries and i did something on red entries.  i either removed them or deleted them can't remember.

I would REALLY appreciate any help and/or tips. Sooner i get back to fucking everything that moves in Skyrim the better.

Also, I started using this site couple of days ago and I'm not sure if i manually installed the mods correctly. what i did was paste the files inside winrar to skyrim data folder and/or my Skyrim mods folder. Most of my files I added to Nexus Manager.

Fun fact: While writing this i spent 30 minutes looking for a way screen shot my LOOT load order. Then i 5 five minutes edited it  and i just found out that i can't attach any goddamn pictures. Before you ask I like to do things my way so i will only delete and re-install every mod as a last resort.

Can't post load order because this site says that it has a link. Also can't attach files. (I typed the whole fucking list=


I fixed it! SL Chaurus expansion required Zaz animations pack. I feel so stupid for not reading that

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So my load order is:


Update-esm (blue), Dawnguard-esm (blue), Dragonborn-esm (blue), HearthFires-esm (blue)

SOS - Core-esm

actorevents-esm (blue)



zzEstrus-esp,  SexLabAroused-esm (blue and bold) <---- After that mod CTD happened

EstrusChaurus-esp  (blue) (downloaded 3 EC mods for no reason got a bug where 2 EC mod configure setting was set true male n 1 was true female, my fem pc couldnt get preggo)

EstrusChaurus (3)-esp, HentaiCreatures-esp, MoreNastyCritters-esp

EstrusChaurus (2)-esp, SexLabNudeCreatures-esp

apachiihair-esm, AP skyrim-esm ( blue. deleted but still in loot), LanternsOfSkyrim-esm, marriagemod-alpha v3-esp (blue), SOS smurf average addon-esp, FullBootForKKSA-esp, Pure weather-esp (blue), FlameAtronachArmor-esp, light weight potions and poisons-esp (blue), heljarchendisplaycases- esp, HF-MoveSpouse-esp (blue), afeSLChaurusExpansion-esp (didn't even get to try ), dragonsoulstoperks-esp (blue), marriagemod - hf-esp (blue), PureWaters-esp (blue), SOS-esp, SexlabNudeCreaturesDB and DG-esp, sh_hf_falkr_fix-esp (blue) and skyrim performance under water grass-esp (from apachii to hear is same priority)


This list took me 50 minutes to write. I will be more than happy to awnser any questions that will help me!! also +10 minutes for putting a - before every esp. TWICE

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is that to say you fixed your problem?


Also if you learn how to use Mod Organizer it will help with problems like this and allow you to ensure that you install mods correctly. And by help with problems like this I mean that you can disable mods easily without much worry. It also has loot built in, which is a plus, not that you need two of them.


As well I didn't see FNIS in your list, if you don't have it you'll need it for some of those mods. Once you have it run FNIS for users.


And you'll probably want XP32 skeleton.

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have you try using boss? i know there a load order program but dont remember the name.





never used it. but yea that one i was thinking of. Hey soundspark thanks for the link i looked at it and decided to try it. i can see the different in fonv. i havent fired up skyrim. but thanks

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