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Hello everyone i am new to the forum . i need help finding a mod to build a character body same as in the picture.


i am using 


CHSBHC Body Physic




still i cant make my characters body like in the picture. Please help me guys tell me what mods i need. Thank u






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Hello and welcome to the forums :)


Well, you will want more mods than the ones you have installed. You're already on the right track, but not quite there yet. The following list shows you what to do. You will find all mentioned mods on the Skyrim Nexus (unless specified otherwise explicitly). I *strongly* recommend to use Mod Organizer for this procedure.


1) Install SKSE if you don't have it already. Launch Skyrim exclusively through SKSE.

2) Install SkyUI (because it's a requirement for race menu)

3) Install RaceMenu (allows you to customize your character in-game, e.g. the face, hair etc.)

4) Install Realistic Ragdolls & Force. It's a requirement for the XP32 skeleton, which is responsible for character animation.

5) Install XP32 Skeleton. Ideally, you should use the version you find here on LoversLab (instead of the nexus version), because it's newer and required for many mods from LL.

6) Install CBBE (you don't need CHSBHC to get a body as in the picture)

7) Install Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio

8) Install a vanilla armor replacer that is compatible with CBBE and bodyslide, for example CT77's excellent replacer (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25259/?)

9) Optional: install further armor packages. The one from your picture belongs to the TERA Armor pack.

10) Install Apachii SkyHair or a different hair package to your liking. The hairstyle from your image is from Apachii's package.



That's all for the most basic, bare-bone installation. However, your character won't look as in the picture just yet. There's some more stuff to do...


11) Start the Bodyslide2 program. If you are using Mod Organizer, start it from within MO or it won't work properly.

12) In Bodyslide2, select "Caliente Body Advanced TBBP" as your body type (at the upper left in the window)

13) Customize the body to your liking by moving the sliders around. You can preview the body live by using the two preview buttons.

14) When you are done, hit the "Batch Build..." button and select all the outfits you want to build.

15) When the build process has finished, hit the "Create Body" button again to make sure that you have the right body in-game.

16) Run Skyrim through SKSE launcher (and SKSE launcher through Mod Organizer if you use it)

17) In Skyrim, you can start a new game and take a look at your new character customization options. If you want to continue with an existing character, use the "showracemenu" console command.



The things above are a very very rough outline of what you have to do. The individual tasks are rather easy to accomplish, but you might want to take a look at in-depth tutorials on how to set things up properly (e.g. on Mod Organizer itself) to really get the results you are looking for and prevent your game from becoming instable and crashing.



Good luck!




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