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In need of dire help with quick mesh edit (multiple attempts @ blender failing)


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Hey guys, Ive been having nothing but problems trying to get Blender working with scripts to export/import nif files for Skyrim. I'm at the point where I just want to throw my pc out the balcony window, I am that frustrated.


What Im requesting is a super, super easy mesh edit that cant be done in niskope because the 2 chunks of mesh I want removed are part of a block that I need. All I want to do is remove the ugly "wings with spikes" from the back of the armor, don't need a clean cut or anything, just need them removed, the ugly edit will just get covered by a cloak anyhow.


This is purely for personal use, my Dark Elf female Guts needs her Berserk armor and it looks like crap with the puffy ugly sock wings. :(




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