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Outcasts went to crazy town!

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I am having a bit of trouble with the Brotherhood Outcasts. When I travelled to the Scrapyard, I found that Raiders were right my face. What I didn't know was that for come reason Outcasts wanted to kill me, too. I am using TTW and I have no idea what might have caused this.


I recently installed CaliberX mod. I know it doesn't adjust Faction data so that can't be the problem.

Before I made contact with the Outcasts, I had travelled to the Pitt. And chose to side with Ashur. Because, come on. Putting a bullet through someone's head I can do without hesitation but kidnapping a baby!? (That is not in my book.) So I guess that may be one probability.


Upon a suggestion over TTW forums, I thought I might look into if Faction data has been altered in anyway through FNVEdit. But the last to do that is TTWFixes.esm. According to the suggestion, the reason why Outcast are hostile is because they percieve me as enemy for some reason. A change in TTW faction data. Strangely, I didn't the Outcast faction on either TTW.esm or Fallout 3.esm.


Anyone else had this issue on Fallout 3 or TTW? Gets on my nerves, really.


I should note that I'd like to avoid using console commands if possible.

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I had this problem once and whenever I have a problem, i usually write down what causes it and the fix (if i can find either one)

  the only thing that i wrote down was Outcast hostile for no reason do  setally a5ee6 1b2a4 1

hopefully this helps, but I never wrote down what caused it and new games never seemed to have this problem.


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Punching in the full command 'setally 0001d3ff 0001b2a4 0' seemed to help. I wasn't really sure if order mattered (I mean, they attacked ME. Sure, I may have killed them horribly but that was in self-defense) but I switched the '1d' with '1b' just for good measure. I didn't try speaking to Casdin, yet but at least they're not attacking me. And a good thing, too. I hate wasting good ammo on fools.


So, umm... Thanks.

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