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Slave trade mod pls?


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I thought it would be cool to have auctions where people can bid on slaves that can be used as maids, pack mules, sex, ect. Also have an in-depth relationship system that lets you train them. Training them not so much in sexual stuff over and over, but beating, starving, and physical/mental mind fuck.


Be able to do things like;


* Put in bondage for X amount of time, remove from bondage, rape her, give her reward, then put her back into her cage.

* Keeping her in a coffin until she agrees to fuck you, reward her, and give her little by little more freedom until she does anything on command.

* Have what you do to others around you in their presents affect their feelings towards you.

*1 Killing bandits has positive effect, attempted rapist on your slave(s), helping people, ect.

*2 Beating, killing, ect should add to the witnessing/affected slave's statues towards you

* Allow slaves to develop relationships with other slaves which leads to interesting interactions.

* Un-trained, semi-trained slaves have X chance of escaping depending on bondage, room with windows, ect.


There should be anti-slave factions that won't take kindly to slave traders/owners, but their actions towards you would be dictated by if they know you're a slave owner, and how badly you treat your slaves.


They can find out about your new 'hobby' through;

* a chance a runaway slave talks to anyone during her run

* taking your slaves out and the slave tells someone she is your slave, or begs for them to help her escape you. (may lead to a fight)

* Your stewardess be spill the beans depending on her/his view towards slaves.

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I think a slave trade mod might be interesting although I would personally focus more on the story and quest elements of the mod. I would imagine that having branching slave trade quest lines might be fun to try. Such as getting involved with the imperial legion who might see the slave trade and sex trafficking as a real problem for skyrim. While the stormcloaks could see it as an opportunity to increase there funding while at the same time neutralizing those who are against them. I could also see it as a culture war between the Imperials and Nords. Taking racism into account we could have a high number of elves being enslaves by Nords or the Forsworn taking nord women as property.


Here are some examples of quest possibilities I was thinking of:


  • Intercepting a slave transport and killing the slavers to free the slaves and gather more information about their next move.
  • Intercepting the slave transport, killing the slavers and stealing the slaves to sell yourself.
  • Escorting a slave transport and defending them from attacks from opposing slavers and liberators.
  • Recovering stolen slaves and bringing them back to the slaver.
  • Under cover Mission as a slaver/slave.
  • Freeing yourself from slavery.


I think there is a lot you could do with this. A whole story line could be made for this. And there are mods that have some of the tools to make this work. Having a complex mod that puts you into a interesting situation is fun and all, but I personally feel that more involved quest mods with adult themes would be fun. And this one has a lot of potential for a player to experiment with and explore.

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Player-as-slaver mods seem to be the Kryptonite of Skyrim - for every such project announced, three player-as-slave mods show up, and ultimately the project gets abandoned in an early stage.


Of all the existing mods that do that, Paradise Halls is still the best - with a script patch, it works quite well (both the mod and the patch can be downloaded from Nexus). Sadly, no SexLab integration, not to mention things like ZAZ furniture or Devious Devices. So, you can have slaves, train them a bit, use them for combat or sell them for a bunch of septims, but that's the extent of it. Also, the enslavement method is kinda wonky, as it requires you to down an opponent without killing him/her - be ready to quicksave/quickload quite a fucking lot before you manage to hit the sweet spot.


Still, the best one around. You can kinda work around it's limitations by implementing additional mods - anything that lets you solicit sex from any NPC will work on your slaves, it just won't be the dialog you'd expect from a master demanding sex from a slave, so your best bet is to pretend that doesn't happen. Likewise, TDF Prostitution gives you something to do with your slaves (namely, whoring them out), but again, the dialog doesn't play to the owner/slave relationship in any way. Better than nothing, I guess.

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