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Wildstar Model Editing


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     So, here's the deal, a lot of people want model swaps for their game, such as nude mods. It is up to someone (or some people) to create that for their use, and for everybody's use. I have been looking around and doing research, and model editing is not easy at all in Wildstar. They have uncommon file formats such as .ARCHIVE, or .INDEX, that make it really hard to access.


     I have found out how to extract models and edit them, but not how to apply them to the game to take affect. It wouldn't make that much of a difference either, since the launcher has a security protocol that makes it fix whatever changes you made to the files if it is not the original or does not match up with whatever they want it to be. I was able to edit it with hex and try to take the bra overlay off of the model, but it was no use. My game just patched, and I don't see a way around this unless someone with coding experience is able to make a custom launcher (such as in WoW how the nude mod had to have a custom launcher).


     Here is the software that I use to view the models/textures and extract them.



     Big thanks to Cromon for creating this. It exports them as a .obj file, so you can easily edit them in blender.


     Any support, advice, or good finds please let me know. Somebody has to start model editing for Wildstar, I mean if people can fly around the map and collect minerals instantly, anything is possible!


     I also got a little bit of info from these guys.



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