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Alyn Shir (request)


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Tried in the nexus forums, no-one seemed interested at all there so im turning to you guys.


Came across this while playing the Amalur demo, and i gotta say i want this bad for my sneaky sneaky character.




Would give all my internets to whomever made this happen!

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reminds me of the rouge armor made for the Exnem Body for Oblivion.


not sure where the english version went' date=' but here is the french version. [at least i think its french']




yeah i remeber the amazon armor well, however i dont get the same rogue feeling ffrom the armor as i do from alyn's armor. probably becasue when i used the amazon armor i oblivion it was heavy armor.

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There are no Blender scripts for Skyrim yet right?

I could rig and convert her but my 3dmax skills are very limited' date=' I use Blender mainly.

I can provide the model if anyone is wiling to convert her.


Can you provide this file? I have not much skills as well, but I'll try at least to convert the armor. I can't say when I'll start working on it, tho, cause I have too many things to do lately. :-/

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