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(What I Believe to be) Lesser Known Mods


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I present to you... mods I have found hidden in the depths of foreign websites! I don't know how many of you already have some (if any), but I'll release them nonetheless.




Ported oblivion mod that used to be on skyrimnexus. for whatever reason it was removed, however someone on bbs.3dmgame.com happened to have a backup. The blood map is messed up, so when you get blood on the swords after a kill, they will stretch off the sword a bit. Nine swords in total. All standalone.




(Even more)Evil Daedric Mesh:

I'm sure some of you hacve seen the youtube video with this in it. It works with ALL daedric armor texture mods.




Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Armor:

Title says it all! Ezio's armor from brotherhood! REPLACES DARK BROTHERHOOD "SHROUDED ARMOR"




Assassin's Creed: Revelations Armor AND (unrelated) War Glaive:

Ezio's Revelations armor! STANDALONE! .. And some pretty cool glaives! Also standalone.




Etna Spear:

Just a cool spear that.. well.. I haven't seen many people with! Replaces Iron war hammer.




Thunder Fury:

This is a standalone. Never seen anyone with it, so here you go! It was originally Chinese, so the name (in the daedric smithing section) will be a series of squares.




Will be updated regularly whenever I find the time!







-Dl's fixed! XD

-Etna Spear added

-Thunder Fury added




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Awesome man! Thanks a lot' date=' those glaives are trully badass. Let me ask you though: Do you have leads on that schyte?



Oh, I thought I got that scythe on the nexus... if not, I'd be glad to upload it here :)


It's Death's Scythe form Darksiders if your wondering. Same guy who made this also made Chaoseater ((War's sword.)) It's craftable but you need dragon bone for it and have max smiting. Just in case you were wondering. It comes in enchanted and non-enchanted craftable forms.

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