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A couple questions regarding sexlab/working girl/radiant prostitution tweaked

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1. Will any strapon that Sexlab recognizes, work in any mod that utilizes the sexlab framework? That is, if a strapon is added via whatever mod, and Sexlab can use it, then will it subsequently work with Working Girl, Radiant Prostitution, etc?


2. Can someone recommend a strapon mod, supported by sexlab framework, that works with UNPetite (or worst case, UNP Base Skinny, as the fit isn't terrible for things for that body put onto an UNPetite body)?


3. Does RadiantProstitution Retweaked recommend "Sexlab Nude Creatures" for the reason I am guessing it does? That...doesn't seem like part of what I would expect to encounter within the confines of RadiantProstitution Retweaked, but if it is the case, that's fine...just not sure why it is recommending that mod...can anyone tell me?


Thanks for any responses!

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