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Flaccid Dicks.

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Hello! I have an issue that is fortunately just creatures. I've not seen any thread on this (Though seen one that's the opposite). But my Wolf/dog/horse/troll/gargoyle...all the good stuff except playable races have flaccid cocks. 


Now, their Sheathes and the cocks are still there! That's not the issue! But I worry my ARousal/SOS (Light version) May be interfereing with it? Or one of my creature packs? The Creature Packs I use are.


Sexlab Nudecreatures, Bestiality Extras, creature features (plus penis patch), FNIS Creature Pack, Horny Dogs of SKyrim, Also I have Immersive Bodies!


Any help? (or ways to help you help me I can add?)

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