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THE "how to configure Morrowind" Thread

Duoleb The Chosen

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Have you tried syncing the game up with 'Steam'? That, or you can try looking here 'How to run Morrowind GOTY Edition without the CDs?' on Yahoo Answers.


Note: I take no responsibility for any damages done to your computer, and/or your installation of 'Morrowind' if your attempt to go through the processes I 'suggested' goes awry.


My recommendation; Backup any of your Morrowind files before attempting any of this, you'd atleast be able to fallback on your old files if anything breaks after committing to the aforementioned actions.

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i have the key to get Morrowind on steam because of the Anthology, but im keeping that one to a friend of mine, unfortunatelly hes dumb enough to believe that i wont get a gift since i have both oblivion and skyrim in my account, and that i won't send to him......

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