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[REQ] Equippable Wolf Tail


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I'm aware of an already existing mod that provides a craftable and wearable werewolf tail and ears (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27997/?), and have given it a try, but I don't really like the way the tail in that mod looks, to be honest. It seems like it's a bit too big and just seems to stick out from the back of character too far. The model and texture also makes it look very...tangled or matted, like it's in desperate need of a good brushing and/or a trim.


If anyone could maybe redo this mod to use a different model and texture for the tail, and maybe fit it a little more naturally to a character's body, I think it could look really nice. Maybe make it craftable using wolf pelts and leather straps, and maybe even allow the crafting of different colored tails (one for each different color of wolf, I guess. Could even just base it off of the actual tail models and textures those wolves have to make things easier). Heck, could potentially even add HDT physics and animations to it based off of the currently available HDT Ponytail hairstyle.


Anyway, yeah, that's my thoughts.  :unsure:

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Interesting indeed, but the only problem is that that thread is mostly discussing Khajit tails and such and using another already existing mod to equip khajit tails (whereas if I wanted cat-like tails i'd be using that mod). There's not really any mention anywhere in the thread of wolf tails. Besides that, completion seems a ways off yet based on the talk in the thread, and the HDT thing would be more of just a bonus than anything else (nice, but could take it or leave it, ultimately).


I'm more interested specifically in seeing new, more realistic-looking (and possibly variably-colored) wolf tails.

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