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Tryout Fiend Companion Problems

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I went into the Fiend's vault, passed the speech check, and agreed to strip down and complete the related quest that way. When I did that, it sent my companions away (Lily and Rex). I erroneously thought Motor-Runner wasn't giving me the key to get my stuff back, so I used a console command to unlock the locker with my stuff in it, then killed all the fiends in the vault (I wasn't even aware there was a quest related to getting my things back).


Here's the problem: The game now thinks that I still have a humanoid companion no matter what I do (oddly enough, I can still recruit and dismiss rex and ED-E). I've tried the "dismiss companions" console, I've tried disabling and enabling Lily at Jacobstown via console commands, I've tried going into places that force all companions to leave (lonesome road), I've used console commands to complete the tryout quest related to getting my stuff back, I've disabled tryout entirely, still nothing. 


Is there a way to set via console commands or something how many companions I have/can have? Anything else I can try?

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