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Issues With Enb

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Hey everyone,


I know that there are multiple ENB topics, but nobody seems to have the issues i have.

I hope that someone here has a fix for one of them. :)


The first one is :

I don't know if it is my Skyrim, but i really suffer from low FPS. It doesn't even matter what ENB im using, it's mostly the same issue with almost all of them. I'm using Serenity ENB full right now, and usually have around 30-45 FPS during normal gaming.

Am i missing any .ini tweaks or anything? (Added the lines to the .ini to make ENB and multicore CPU work)

My Specs : ASUS Sabertooth z77 mainboard, i5 3570K with 4.5Ghz CPU, 2x GTX760 2GB graphics cards, 16GB kingston hyperX beast ram, etc..so i dont see a problem spec-wise.


The second one is :

With every ENB i've been using until now (now using Serenity) my quality just seems to be low. Female Skins for example are rather flat, as if the normal maps and specular maps aren't doing their job. (i've tried multiple variants)

Or just the general impression of the graphics. Compared with the Screenshots of most ENBs, or just screenshots on the forum here or on image hosters, my quality looks like i'm not using ENB.

What i've noticed while switching through ENBs is that nothing changed, the DoF was always there, and the only things that mostly Changed were how the Skin looks (still no specular or bumps) and the colors/vibrancy/brightness.


Is there anything i'm missing?

I always drop the stock ENB in the skyrim folder, drop the new ENB ontop of it and overwrite everything, and activate the data folder, if there is one, with NMM.

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